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Berber carpets are the most likely to "snag" or run like a womans nylon stocking. A loose tuft in a seam, or a pets' toe nail, or a sharp edge on a piece of furniture that is dragged are the three most common causes. Their are three techniques used for fixing the snag depending on its size: 1. Simply cut it off, if the carpet is thick and the remaining root doesn't show. 2. Re-tuft it with glue and an "awl" tool. This only works for very short distances. 3 Patch it (see burn patches for a demo) . However Berbers require special care in sealing the edges and following the "rows" when fitting the patch. Snagged Patterns There are many tricks to doing pattern carpets which often occur on Berber's. Commercial carpets also tend to have patterns. Alignment is critical and takes an experienced eye to fine the match. Matching is difficult on brand new carpets, and much more difficult on carpets with traffic patterns and twisted out of shape carpets from stretching. However that is exactly why you probably need me. Our family has been doing this in the Macomb and Oakland , Michigan areas for many years.


Wrinkled carpeting can just appear almost anytime. Why? The number one 'why" is a poor installation technique, whic is an installation done without a "wall to wall power stretcher".


This is the tool I use to get rid of the wrinkles and keep them away. Of course a tool is only as good as the mechanic that uses it! I guarantee all my work. Carpets will absorb humidity and swell in the summer time. However if they are properly stretched the tension will keep them taught and flat. There are many little things that I do to prevent base board and wall damage when I do the stretching: such as using a special soft cover bracer board, and trimming as I go to avoid scratching the baseboard. Other general precautions are that I don't set metal objects on nearby wood floors. I latch my tool box closed when young children are present. A job is not "good enough" until it actually is excellent!

Mother Nature

Some common causes of major water damage are living on a flood plain, aging city sewer systems, and ground settling around homes foundation.


A flooded basement is a miserable event and the carpet my seem un-salvageable. However if the water was rain water you might want to consider saving it. Furniture stains can be patched nicely. The loose and now wrinkled carpet , or cut open carpet because of poles in the basement can all be fixed. I can supply new padding at a discount. You might be surprised at the savings, especially if you have a very high deductible or no insurance at all. Estimates are free.

Home Hazard

When one floor stands slightly higher than the other it can be a dangerous trip-point.

Floor Heights Mis-Matched

When a new thick hardwood floor or ceramic tile floor with sub-floor has been added to an adjoining room with carpet the touching edges usually do not match in height. One side stands higher than the other. The tile or wood side creates a "trip hazard". By using pre-fabricated wooden shims (not shingles) the levels can be matched. The shims are slid under the pad. They come in one by four foot long sections. They start thin one sixteenth of and inch thick and taper up the one foot width to three different thickness choices: on quarter, three eights, and one half inch thick. This is the best solution other than raising the carpet floor, or adding a wide commercial flat metal bar. Re-stretching is often required depending on the experience of the hard good flooring person when he cut the carpet to do his floor. Often they cut it too short.

Wear Through

Stairways will show signs of wear years before other areas will.


Have you ever heard of the term "Stair Shift"? Probably not if you are under 40 years old. If you ask your Grandparents they probably will know. We live in a somewhat "throwaway" world now compared to back then. Stair shifts do two things: they extend the usable life of the carpet and they can keep it looking like new throughout its life. There are three kinds of Stair Shifts 1 . Waterfall: the carpet is pulled down one-half a step which puts the part that your toe kicked back on top and it is now brand new where you step. 2. Upholstered Tops, Princess, or California, etc. The top of the step is rotated 180 degrees, end for end. Bottom to top. 3. Same as above no. 2. The top is slid down and foreword and 2 inches cut off and a new pieces added on its back top end.