Carpet Stretching

Re-Stretch wrinkled carpet to protect your investment.

In my grandfathers day all that was needed to install carpet was a strong back, skill, and the stretcher tool name most people are familiar with called a knee kicker. The knee kicker is still used today, but not as replacement for a power stretcher, it is used along with a power stretcher. Some installers will tell you that they don't need to use a power-stretcher anymore. This invariably means that you will eventually be calling me to repair their substandard work. If you wait too long before doing the repair, the carpet may become damaged too much to be brought back to that brand-new look again. Start looking into a repair as soon as wrinkles are first spotted.

Sometimes even properly installed carpeting will wrinkle. There are a variety of causes including carpeting materials, carpet cleaning methods, along with a host of other factors. Regardless of the cause, seek out a professional repair person as soon as you see wrinkles or bumps in your carpeting.