Carpet Repair Testimonials

What our customers say....

Great Repair Work

We had a carpet with several ridges and it was completely fixed. The price was about half of other quotes.

Carpet Repair

I'm AMAZED...and THRILLED with the excellent job that Mr. Cosentino did repairing my carpet! He is definitely an artist at his trade. He is prompt, courteous and very meticulous...he pays attention to every detail. His work is exceptional. You can't even see the spot that he repaired when you're standing right on top of it! I would recommend him highly to anyone who wants to repair their carpet and save the expense of completely replacing it because of damage. Call John Cosentino!!


The Real Stainmaaster

Our carpeting is the original Stainmaster that we upgraded as new home buyers back in 1993. It still looks good, but we had wrinkles and folds in the high traffic areas that created a major eyesore. We also had some damage in corners of the hallway from our cat. We called Cosentino Carpet and John came out the next day and did a great job making us feel good about our carpet and home again. He got the wrinkles out and patched the holes and gaps using carpet from closet areas that no one sees. We had previously thought that we may need new carpeting, but were pleasantly surprised with our repairs. We got more than our moneys worth and can highly recommend this carpet professional to anyone who wants to improve the look of their carpet and save money.


My carpets look great!

When my carpets were installed originally I never thought for one minute how much of a nightmare that was going to cause me. They looked wonderful for a while but within the first year small wrinkles began to appear. I didn't know the first thing about carpets, other than buying a good padding which I did, so I believed everything the carpet installers told me: it's the carpet I chose, the humidity can be a problem, etc, etc. The carpet came with a one year warranty so next time I needed help the installers charged me, that was about a year and a half later. It wasn't too long after that more wrinkles appeared all over my home. I was really believing that I had chosen the worst carpet on the planet and I prepared myself to live with some wrinkles most of the time!

I attempted to find someone else but it wasn't that easy and the cost range was all over the board, nothing reasonable I might add. I thought how do you know if someone is doing the job correctly? I had to find someone who was known by a friend of mine or recommended by someone. Well much later it happened that I was lamenting my wrinkling carpet to a friend and she said I think my neighbor knows someone who has fixed her problem carpet, I'll get his phone# for you. Now I was excited at the possibility that I might lose the wrinkles! I really had to bug my friend but eventually she called with the number telling me that she had had her carpets stretched and was delighted with the results. This was the guy for me!

I called John and he came to my home, he assessed what needed to be done. A few days later he was back and started the job. He fixed my living area, dining room, hallway and two flights of stairs, and also my master bedroom. It took a couple of visits but it is finally done. I can't tell you how happy I am to walk around my home and not see one wrinkle.

John is a true professional and perfectionist. He knows all there is to know about carpets. He taught me a great deal also so I'm much better informed. John was very reasonably priced, I was pleasantly surprised that it was so affordable. He is a very pleasant gentleman, I wouldn't hire anyone else to fix or lay my carpets now! I tell everyone about John, if I could give him more stars I would, he deserves them!! Many thanx John!!


Fix Bad Wrinkles In Carpet

I had 2 bad wrinkles that ran right across where everyone had to walk to get in the room. They got so bad that people started tripping on the wrinkles. I was planning on replacing the entire room with new carpet, but this company suggested that they might be able to repair it. They came out and gave me a price that would save me almost $1,500, and they guanteed their work so I had them do the repair which was under $200. It's been almost 15 years and the wrinkles never came back.